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Valid for new client & online booking only


・Deluxe Eyelash Extension $80 for $65

Classic Lash(150~both eyes )

・Hybrid Eyelash Extension $100 for $80

Classic Lash(60both eyes)  +Volume Lash(70both eyes) 

・Volume Eyelash Extension $90 for $75

Volume Lash(100both eyes)

If you introduce others to this store, next time you can receive all menus

with a 15% discount.





まつ毛エクステ 専門店 の Lash IROHAでございます。

Lash IROHAにご来店の初回のお客様は新規オファーの







【Classic Lash & Refill】

Quick(80 both eyes ) $55

Light Natural (100 both eyes) $60

Natural (120 both eyes ) $65

Full (130 both eyes ) $70

Glam (140 both eyes )  $75

Deluxe (150 both eyes ) $80

Premium (170~ both eyes) $90

【Volume Lash & Refill】

 20 both eyes $45

40 both eyes $55


60 both eyes $65


80 both eyes   $75


90 both eyes   $80


100 both eyes   $90

110 both eyes   $100

120 both eyes $110


140 both eyes   $130


160~ both eyes   $150

​※We offer two types of volume lash sets: one with a larger fan and one with a smaller fan.

Each bundle of volume lases ranges from 5D to 8D.


【Hybrid Lash & Refill 】

Classic Lash (30both eyes)  +

Volume Lash (40both eyes)           $70

Classic Lash (40both eyes )  +

Volume Lash (50both eyes)           $80

Classic Lash50+Volume Lash60  $90

Classic Lash60+Volume Lash70  $100

Classic Lash80~+Volume Lash90~ $120

【Color Lash 】


20 both eyes $30

40 both eyes    $50

60 both eyes    $70

80 both eyes   $90

【Lower Lash 】

20 both eyes $35

40 both eyes $50

【Brow Shaping】


Lady's Brow Shaping $30


Men's Brow Shaping $40


【Lash Lift $60】

Lash lift + Lash tint $85

Lash lift + Lash treatment $75

Lash tint $30




Lash removal $30


    Lash removal+(new set) $25



About Eyelash Extensions

Lash Extensions are most commonly separated into classic and volume. Classic being one thicker extension to one natural lash and volume 3–6 finer extensions to one natural lash, spread out in what we refer to as a fan. There is also a hybrid option that is a mixture of classic and volume. 

 We can only add as many extensions as you have natural lashes. Therefore if you have fewer lashes and want more fullness go for volume lashes. But for some, with lots of natural lashes a classic set can look like a volume set.

After care is essential to long lasting extensions, do not get them wet for 24 hrs after a full set or a fill this allows the adhesive to completely cure. Avoid anything oil based as it will break down the adhesive, as will salt water or chlorine. Please do not put mascara on your extensions, it is very difficult to remove and can cause you lose more extensions after the next fill if not properly cleaned off. It is not the responsibility of the lash artist to clean your lashes before each fill.

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Clients  comment ​

First time coming here and the ladies were so kind. chairs were very comfortable to the point I almost fell asleep 🤣 Thanks ladies for the great experience. I will be back again 👍🏽. Been 2 weeks and eyelashes are still in great condition. Definitely recommend

clients name



Love this place and have introduced others to get their lashes done here as well. Fab lashes and service every time ❤️❤️❤️

clients name


She is amazing! Happy after every visit!

clients name

First time having eyelash extensions. Felt comfortable during the experience. Lashes feel and look great. Great price too.

clients name


Firstly, I am so glad that she has opened her own salon. I have been to see her for many years and she always does a great job! She is welcoming, experienced, and she always puts herself in customer's situation. Moreover, the most important thing is that she enjoys what she does, which leads to her great work, I believe. In my experience, the lashes last long, have no irritation, and are easy to care. Highly recommended!!

clients name


Professional care, friendly staff
Definitely recommend to everyone!!

clients name


Would highly recommend! Have tried a number of different lash extension places and keep coming back. Lovely ladies, Great price, and great quality lashes <3

clients name


Highly recommended!!! Hiromi does my lashes professionally everytime. It lasts longer than any other salon I've been to and the service is great!! Thanks Hiromi for looking after me. 👍😊

clients name


Highly recommend :) Absolutely love my lashes by Hiromi-san who does such an excellent job and she is also very professional and friendly. I tried different places and I know the differences now(quick, detailed work, extensions last longer etc...)so I’ll come back here next time for sure.

clients name


"Make you more beautiful!"


Opening Hours

Come Visit

Mon: 10am - 5pm

Wed: 9am - 6pm

Thu: 9am - 6pm

Fri: 9am - 5pm

Sat: 10am - 5pm

Closed :Tue, Sun, Public Holiday





         Contact us



272 Mt Albert Rd

Sandringham Auckland

New Zealand 




Booking essential 


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Cancellation and Lash Guarantee Policy

Please honor your appointment, if you must cancel or reschedule please do so at least 24Hours before your appointment time to avoid a cancellation fee (40%).

For online booking, clients will be asked to pay deposit to secure your booking.

Deposit will be refundable if you cancel or reschedule

your booking 1day(24hurs) prior minimum.

Deposit will be NON-Refundable cancelling your booking within 24hours.

Please notify us if you are running late for your appointment.

Running late may result in your service being altered to fit the remaining time available.

If you are late 15 minutes ,your booking will be canceled.

Our Lash Guarantee

Contact to the salon must be made within 5 days after lash application

You must keep some lost lashes to show your lash technician

If a repair appointment is needed, it must be booked within 6 days of original appointment. Any later than that over exposes your lashes to every day

wear and tear and therefore voids the lash warranty.


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